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Open Source Software for Fundamental Analysis

{Fundamental Analysis}
QtStock Stock profile

QtStock is an Open Source Software that helps private investors and investment clubs, who trade on stock market, to do Fundamental Analysis and Portfolio Optimization. It is based on NAIC like approach. QtStock is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is completely free of charge and everyone can download it.

QtStock features are:

  • Fundamental Analysis of companies data
  • Edit company data
  • Display NAIC like graphs and forms
  • Print NAIC graphs and forms
  • Manage portfolio
  • Optimize portfolio
  • Data can be exported to and import from XML files
  • Data are stored in SQLite relational database
  • QtStock is portable on most platforms that support Qt and SQLite

QtStock is developped in C++. It is planned to be portable to several platform: therefore we are using the Qt framework as well as SQLite for storing data. At the time being, QtStock is running on most Linux distribution and on Microsoft Windows, as long as they have the necessary libraries installed.

Why QtStock ?

With QtStock, we have the ambition to propose an universal tool to do fundamental analysis of companies traded everywhere, in any money. We also would like QtStock to run on many plaforms like Linux, MS Windows, MAC Os, etc. Therefore we are publishing QtStock under GNU public license.

Status of QtStock

Due to my professional activities, I did not have the time to work on QtStock recently.The project is not stopped: it is just on hold.Howevr, eryone will be welcome to participate inthis project.

Status of QtStock

QtStock is presently in heavy development phase. Source of the application is available via SVN.

Do not hesitate to submit your comments and suggestion if you see potential improvements or features you might need for your Fundamental Analysis. You are also welcome to join and participate participate to the QtStock adventure.

QtStock Development plan

The development version of QtStock is available via SVN. We hope to release a first stable version in the coming weeks both under Linux and Windows.

The first version will include the basic analysis tool which is the Stock Selection Guide. Additional functionalities will be release later, like portfolio management, automatic stock history update, risk management, etc. You can request development functionalities in starting a new discussion on the forum, or in registering a ticket and describing what you are requiring and why.

Thanks to Walter Stanish, we have a nice QtStock project logo: Thank you Walter.

{QtStock Fundamental Analysis}

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